My name is Joaquin and I'm one of the vocalists and guitarists for He Must Increase. Who I am today can only be defined through Jesus Christ. I would be nowhere without Him. I could tell of my life before Jesus and the amazing changes that have occurred but it is not about me. I am only a piece of a larger story. That is why I wanted to be a part of He Must Increase. My hope is that God's testimony is magnified over my own, hence the band name. I feel like people muck up and ruin the beautiful plan God has; and the amazing thing is He still uses us, He still uses me.  Just like the story’s in the bible of people experiencing God personally, I too am being weaved into the beautiful story of God’s love for humanity. What an amazing gift!  

What I would like for He Must Increase is to encourage others to be grafted into this story as I am being grafted in to it as well. I pray that the lyrics I write reveal the Creator we worship. Every word I’ve put down is revealing who I am and the person God is molding me into. I pray He uses our music to impact you because like I said earlier, I am only a part of a larger story. I am just a man blessed beyond measure and given the privilege to be in the greatest story ever, God’s story. I pray that you will join me in this story and worship alongside me and my friends.