My name is Andrea Gibbs and I am the bass player and one of the vocalists in He Must Increase. I grew up surrounded by music. My father was the worship leader while I was growing up and we constantly had the radio playing in the car and at home. When I was 18 I bought my first guitar. I was never really good at playing other people’s music but I learned a few chords and started writing my own. There is just something about music that soothes my soul and connects me to God in a way that nothing else can.  

When the guys asked me if I would be interested in joining He Must Increase something inside me lit up, I just knew that we were going to be doing something special. To be writing music that praises God and to be able to use my gifts to minister to others has been a dream of mine that I never dreamed would come true. My hope is that people are blessed by the music that God has lain on our hearts, anything more than that is icing on the cake.